• I am a person who was born in London some time ago and who is still alive
  • this is my england is both my pen name and the name of this space.
  • I put some of my photos of England (and less often other places) here, as well as bits of writing
  • As of August 2016, I live in Catalunya - chances are, then, that the focus of this place will shift a bit...
  • The short stories and poems that appear here are not all completely faithfully autobiographical 
  • For the avoidance of doubt, photographs appearing here were taken by me with my own cameras; images are not routinely sourced from elsewhere; on the very rare occasions this happens, it is made very obvious.
  • All writing appearing here is my own, with the very obvious exception of occasional quotations, which are clearly marked as such
  • Links to websites containing the work/ideas of other people never appear here as a result of a commercial arrangement: this is my england is an ad-free space. Sometimes, I just like to praise/acknowledge/pimp out stuff I find interesting. Sometimes, certainly not always, this stuff is the work of my friends
  • No, the name of the blog is nothing to do with the EDL, UKIP, Britain First or any of those hateful cunts; I do now sort of regret choosing this stupid name but at least it has led to some hilarious consequences